Releasing people from hopelessness.
           From this (lonely).........                                                to THIS (support, friendship.)

The River does a lot of community development and outreach. The lady had a terrible time walking, but
got health services from The River staff and is in line to also get help with her ramshackle house!
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Kid's Club camp OUTING to a recreational lake near Chiang Mai!
This teenage girl has lost both her parents to HIV. Now she lives with her grandfather, who appears to be quite blind. I have a feeling
she takes care of him more than he takes care of her.  But she is PLUGGED IN to The River, getting help and support from the staff.
This "pea soup" relay race was hilarious!  And then the kids had to crawl through a tunnel of soap
suds (below) while having water thrown on them from the staff.. a welcome cool-down on a hot day.
FUN in the awesome River swimming
pool. At right staff member Shayne from
Australia provides help and safety.
Made in the Shade!
This is the classic Thai "bus." It is a pick-up
truck with bench seats in the back. You can
catch one anywhere around town, or hire one
special for these camp kids to go to the lake
Tug-o-war fun!
Spontaneous Jammin':  I recognized
the tunes as modern worship songs,
but the words were all in Thai!
LUNCH TIME!  Crispy fried chicken,
rice, and spicy salad made back at
The River kitchen.
ART and hang-out time under the shade trees.
I sense this kid has some difficulties in
his life. My bet is that the caring staff ---->
at The River will come alongside him and
help him out.
Community Outreach Concert
I was asked to put together four interview segments on video to be shown
between bands. They were testimonials from people in the community who
have been touched by The River and God's love. (Note screen on the left.)
Opening act: Church band from The River!
That's some action from The River this April. Check
out their blog for more stories of their dynamic
ministry helping people in several parts of Thailand!
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Professional stage and lighting, great
sound, even two smoke machine's!