School of Promise
Summer English Program and VBS day camp!
Hang Dong, Thailand
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Kenzie and friends!
Art and Craft time.
Director Joel speaks great Thai!
And prepares a Bible reading.
Bethany and Amber help the kids with Art.
Relationships are KEY!
Yes, there was real classroom time along with the fun!
Max won a student award!
The student store is OPEN!  Kids can trade good
behavior tickets in on fun items... it was a big hit.
Emma from England and Shayne from Australia help
the kids choose.
Aum is a year-round School of
Promise student.  Looks like
he made a cross and a burning
bush in his craft class.
Finish that worksheet!
Lunch time! Snack time!
Leap frog for PE and games.
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons was SWIM
TIME narby at The River Conference Center.
S W I M M I N G   F U N !
Many of these kids never get to go to a nice clean pool like this.
And now time to go home in/on the family vehicle, hopefully
with smiles all around, and a little more LOVE in their lives.
To see The River
photos from April,
To see The River photos
from April, CLICK HERE.