MORE pictures of the zany creatures at the
Chiang Mai Zoo!
Photography by
Robert Bowling
- Copyright, 2012 -
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I hope to go to the zoo again soon.  Many exhibits have great views of the
animals and they were quite active, even in the afternoon time.
Stay tuned!

 And thanks for caring about the School of Promise and DigitalMission!
This little guy is five months old. Cute!
This monkey climbed up the cement wall and just
came right out front. (Hope the jaguar on the right
can't do that, yikes!)
I'm pretty sure this guy would save me if the
elephants got angry and wanted to trample me
or slap me around with their trunk.  
Yeah, right!
              Niiiiiice kitty!
Mom and cub put on quite playful show as we
looked down on them, just ten feet away!
This creature had a grrreat time roaming
around the zoo.  Now he is safely back in
his classroom at the School of Promise!
"Monkey pee, monkey do."
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