Recent Photos from Thailand!
Lisu tribal people at Christmas
celebration near Chiang Dao.
Coffee-dryer man, Bob, and Ahoo in
the Akha village of Maw-jen-taw.
Sunrise in Mae Salong, Thailand
Below are some pictures of Ahoo and his village. He is a new Christian that I am helping. He
stays at my house whenever he runs a 10k or marathon near Chiang Mai. I am hoping he will
help reach more people in his village, which is mostly non-Christian. Please PRAY for them! It
was coffee bean harvest time while I was there, so all the villagers were hard at work. Notice
Ahoo's many running trophies in the picture at right!  I hope to visit him again soon.
Bob's 1991 "Mighty X" Toyota made it up the
steep roads. But then my rear bumper fell off
back home just 100 yds. from my mechanic!
I'm hoping for a newer 4x4 truck someday...
and hopefully with colder A/C for hot season.
This Korean pastor lives in Mae Nam Khun
village, not far from Ahoo.  I gave him the
nickname "Hallelujah Hugger" because he
walked all around Ahoo's village with a huge
smile and then demonstrated his nickname when
greeting the villagers.
Here is a nearby hillside where many crops are
grown. They must make use of the steep slopes
for growing, with often limited sunlight and
easily depleted soil content. I saw virtually no
flat places in the village where kids could play.
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Below are some pix I took last week at the School of Promise. I've mostly been shooting video, but
here is a little flavor of the place in still pictures. I think teacher Amy and the little girl are enjoying
reading time. Class sizes are small so kids get excellent attention from their caring teachers!
Two couples visiting from Canada are here volunteering several times a week for six weeks on a big revamp of the SOP library. The men have built eight new
bookshelves while the ladies catalog all of the books. An A/C unit was installed last week, and now painting the room has begun. Look for more photos in next
month's newsletter.  There are MANY worthwhile and much-needed projects that can be done by short term volunteers at any mission!  Let me know if you have 10
days, three weeks, whatever...
and you'll have a blessed and amazing trip to Thailand I am sure!
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Trip to the Chiang Mai ZOO with School of Promise!
And on normal days... what's happening back at the school!
for the school van! Here
are a few of the students
posing by the new logo
and graphics stickers,
designed by visiting
volunteer Amber.  
Seeing this van drive
around the area might
inspire more families to
want to send their kids
to the School of Promise!
THANKS for taking a closer
look at the School of Promise!
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All photos copyright 2012 by Robert Bowling, DigitalMission.
Two things Thai people LOVE:
Elephants and 7-11!
(Yes, this is at the zoo.)
The amazing teachers and
on Zoo Day, 2012,
School of Promise!
Notice they are reading the "Jesus Storybook Bible!"
Principal Joel Vander Kooi is leading an after-school
project to build a compost bin and garden area.
PE time is always a lot of fun! It hardly ever
rains from November through April.
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